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1. Russian language in the professional activity of the lawyer

2. Difficulties use of vowels and consonants in modern literary language

3. Features spelling derived prepositions and omonichnyh words.


1. stylistic stratification of vocabulary of modern Russian literary language. Official-business style and its variants.

2. The difference between the official style of the scientific and journalistic. Give an example of a text (at least 5 sentences).

3. The phenomenon of polysemy and homonymy in the official style.

4. Difficulties use of vowels and consonants.

5. Pleonasm and tautology in the modern Russian literary language. Normative using pleonasticheskih combinations in question.

6. Spelling endings and suffixes of verbs (see. "Russian language", Ex. P. 26-29).

7. The suffixes active and passive participles. H-HH in the adjectives and participles (see. "Russian language" exercise. On str.32-39).

8. Spelling NOT verbs and participles (see. "Russian Language" p.30, 43-44).

9. Features declination of numerals. Decline in writing 568, 1937, 115, (three of three) cadets, students, 331 second platoon.

10. together, separately, defisnoe writing adverbs and adverbial phrases (see. "Russian language", Ex. At pp. 52-53, 55-56).

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