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The basis of this book is based on a series of articles published by the author in 1995 in Minsk Journal "Business: East + West".

Book version of the text is more complete than the coffee. In addition, it includes a section on the protection of stationary objects and events.

In my opinion, the book is intended for a wide audience - not only businessmen, but also for the majority of ordinary citizens and novice traders, the focus is on her description of the different ways of criminal acts against the citizens who most often use criminals and methods to counter them. The main ways of ensuring security. Given a number of tips for organizing the safety and security of the various events, provide a description of the generally accepted rules of behavior on some of them. A lot of attention is paid to the behavior and actions of the competent persons who are in a variety of "non-standard" situation. A very useful book for any business, especially not in position to take advantage of advanced security bureau or the guard, as well as ordinary citizens.


Part 1

1. The main thing - to be alive and healthy

2. miser pays twice or thrice ...

3. Arms and security: a conscious choice

4. Protection of businessman people

5. Something about dogs-bodyguards

6. Protection from attacks and racketeering

7. Open the door if police?

8. The abduction and the kidnappers

9. Protection of personal property

10. Protection of premises Office

Part 2

1. Secrets of the company and methods of abduction

2. Secrets guarded by men

3. How to adjust the protection of secrets

4. Technology does not solve everything, but a lot

Part 3

1. Protection of stationary objects

2. Securing events

3. Protection of commercial goods

4. Ensuring the safety of the bank's clients

5. The foreign partner should know

The number of pages in the original - 180.

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